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Most of the people that make up our Fortress Network DMV team have collectively been a part of affiliate marketing for over last the 10-15 years or more. It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side or totally replace your traditional income, trading time for money, pursuing it as a full-time gig.

And, honestly, that’s a great place to be in. But to reach this point, it’ll require much needed niche/market research, a higher-level of marketing skills, education, focus and determination.

And at the end of the day, there still remains a large number of up-and-coming marketers in the affiliate marketing game that still don’t fully understand it. We hope to change that with this post and provide a high-level of value as we deliver on this promise.

Making It Rain

At the basis level, most of you, if you’ve ever dipped your toes in the waters of “Lake Affiliate Marketing,” should understand that this market space is based on revenue sharing. Nobody works for free, right?

This team certainly doesn’t. But to each his own..

The unique affiliate link that you were given by the merchant that is also connected to that merchant’s account nets you a commission whenever a customer purchases whatever product you’re marketing.


Those who are new to affiliate marketing may be asking how does the merchant even know that you, as an afflilate, has referred a customer and generated a sale on the merchant’s account? Well, all you have to do is take a closer look at your affiliate link or uniform or universal resource locator. You may have heard this term referred to as a “URL.” Check it out below..

This URL has a bit of code or a selected user name that identifies you to the merchant. For example, if you’re marketing or promoting a product or service at, your affiliate link would appear as a longer variant of the URL supplied, such as http://(youraffiliateid) or, etc.

Sharing The Affiliate Wealth

These links redirect the visitor to the correct merchant website while leaving a tracking cookie that captures and tracks you affiliate information.

Here’s another example. Make It Rain, LLC (the merchant provider) sells courses through its own site and a customer visits this website directly that’s not connected to an affiliate link and purchases a course out right for $56.00.

In this situation, the merchant has made a direct sale of $56 bucks. Now, what if the merchant wanted to expand its reach and generate more sales? The merchant decides to start an affiliate program for this particular course and any affiliate that joins this program earns 50% of the sales. Now, instead of the customer going to the merchant’s account, he or she goes through your affiliate link to Make It Rain, LLC’s main Website.

When this sale is made, you earn $28.00, and Make It Rain, LLC also nets $28.00. It becomes a “Win-Win” because both of you profit through skillful revenue-sharing.

Roles & Responsibilities

As an affiliate, you earn a commission for all the tools required to continue kicking your lead-generation efforts in gear (Email autoresponder series, web hosting, etc.) Your only charge in this program is to keep referring more sales, as long as this effort doesn’t exceed what you net in commissions. You’ll need to be creative. If the product has value, always push it as a solution to a specifc problem. And you’ll do fine.

The merchant, meanwhile, is responsible for maintaining all these:

  • Pay for the marketing tools
  • Pay for fees associated with their payment processor
  • Deliver the product to the customer
  • Provide refunds to customers, if requested
  • Answer customer service and support inquiries
  • Pay any other ad costs
  • And finally, but most importantly, pay out affiliate commissions

After reading the merchant roles & responsibilities, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I don’t want to be d%^&* merchant!”

Well, we aren’t trying to run you away from this role if this is a goal of yours. All we wanted to do in this post is to highlight affiliate marketing as a easier “springboard” into marketing online. You don’t have all the overhead, you don’t need to create different products, and you don’t have to deliver it. Instead, your main focus is to be an effective information provider. That’s it. Ready to do it?

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